2015 Volkswagen Tiguan SUV to compete with 2014 Toyota Fortuner SUV

2014 New Shape Major Change Toyota Fortuner to be challenged by 2015 VW Volkswagen Tiguan SUV

When it comes to entry level luxury Sport Utility Vehicle SUV sector, Toyota Fortuner rules the roost, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV, Isuzu MU-7 SUV and Ford Everest SUV have not been able to challenge Fortuner despite Fortuner’s chronic shortage. Customers would rather wait a few weeks for their favourite SUV. With major change 2014 Fortuner expected in 2013 Fortuner’s demand will only hit new highs.

If Volkswagen has its way the scenario will play a little differently. Volkswagen Tiguan as it  stands now poses no danger to Fortuner but VW is planning to release a longer Tiguan 2015 named as Tiguan XL in February 2015. It will have many features of VW Touareg which is currently aimed at premium market. Tiguan XL will have a 15 to 20 cm. longer wheelbase with a variety of features.

Since Toyota will be adding a slew of external and internal features in Toyota Fortuner 2014 it remains to be seen if the new 2015 VW Tiguan with features from VW Amarok and VW Touareg will give Fortuner a run for its money.

Just as Toyota Fortuner is based on IMV platform and Toyota Fortuner 2014 2015 will be based on IMV II, mext generation VW Tiguan will be based on VW MQB platform. MQB, which stands for Modularer Querbaukasten, and is translated as “Modular Transversal Toolkit” or “Modular Transverse Matrix.” What is interesting is that MQB is hybrid and electric capable so it is possible that we might see plug-in hybrid or electric Tiguan in the mix. This will certainly give Tiguan an edge.

The next gen Tiguan will have a third row of seats owing to the 15-20 centimeters increase in the wheelbase.

Volkwagen has confirmed that the new Tiguan will be lighter, stiffer, safer and more economical than the outgoing model. We cannot wait for both these models to be released. Please look for spy shots of new shape major change 2014 Toyota Fortuner, new shape major change Toyota Hilux and 2015 VW Tiguan new shape major change Tiguan XL.

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