How Customs in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Determines Vehicle Value

Customs Valuation of Imported Vehicles in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The Customs Valuation Branch will examine the documents to see whether the Customs Valuation methods have been properly applied and are consistent with the Valuation Laws of the Second Schedule of Act #14 of 1999. Normally the transaction value method will be used i.e. the invoice price along with the addition of other charges such as handling and freight.

If there is any doubt as to the value declared by the importer, the Customs may make request for additional information in accordance with Section 3 (7) of the Second Schedule of Act#




Additional information to be presented may include an order, confirmation, price list and/or catalogue, evidence of payments e.g. telegraphic transfers, bank drafts, receipts etc.

Once the information provided by the importer satisfies all conditions, the Customs Valuation Branch will certify or accept the documents and the importer may proceed to process his/her entry.

If, however, the documents do not satisfy all conditions, the Customs Valuation Branch may determine a value for the vehicle, applying other methods of valuation consistent with the Valuation laws.

The Customs, if requested, is obligated to notify the importer in writing of the grounds for the decision, and to provide an opportunity for the importer to make representation in this regard.

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