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Mitsubishi Fuso Thailand Models

Here are various offerings of Right Hand Drive Mitsubishi fuso in Thailand:

GVW Mitsubishi Fuso Model
4.4 Mitsubishi Fuso FE71BB8SRDH1 4×2 4 Whl 4M42-0AT(EURO3) 2977 cc/125 Trbo inter
5.7 Mitsubishi Fuso FE73BE6SRDH1 4×2 4 Wheel 4M42-0AT(EURO3) 2977c/125 Turbo inter
6.5 Mitsubishi Fuso FE84DE6SRDH1 4×2 6 Wheel 4M50-7AT7 4899 /150 Trbo Inter
8.4 Mitsubishi Fuso FE85DE7SRDH1 4×2 6 Wheel 4M50-7AT7(EURO3) 4899 cc/150 Trbo inter
Mitsubishi Fuso FE85DG7SRDH1 4×2 6 Wheel 4M50-7AT7(EURO3) 4899 cc/150 Trbo inter
15 tons Mitsubishi Fuso FM65F F1RDH1 4×2 6 Wheel 6M60-1AT1(EURO3) 7545 cc /240 TI
Mitsubishi Fuso FM65F H1RDH1 4×2 6 Wheel 6M60-1AT1(EURO3) 7545 cc TI
Mitsubishi Fuso FM65F M1RDH1 4×2 6 Wheel 6M60-1AT1(EURO3) 7545 cc TI
25 tons Mitsubishi Fuso FN61FR2RDH1 6×2 10 Wheel 6M60-1AT2(EURO3) 7545 cc / 270 TI
Mitsubishi Fuso FN62FM1RDH1 6×4 10 Wheel 6M60-1AT2(EURO3) 7545 cc /250 TI
Mitsubishi Fuso FN62FM2RDH1 6×4 10 Wheel 6M60-1AT2(EURO3) 7545 cc/270
50.5 Mitsubishi Fuso FV51JHR3RDHA 6×4 10 Wheel Truck Dumper 12882 cc /380
Mitsubishi Fuso FV51JHR3RDHA 6×4 10 Wheel Truck Tractor Tipper 6M70-1AT3 12882 /380

New Concrete Mixer Daimler Fuso FJ2528C

The new Fuso FJ2528C 6X4 with 280 HP engine output is the ideal base for the one-stop tailor made concrete mixer which has a drum capacity of 6 cbm or 7 cbm according to customer’s needs. Being ‘ready to use’ means the customer starts getting returns from the day of purchase and the quality is assured through stringent quality checks with Daimler standards. Providing many comfort features for the driver like air conditioned cabin, air suspended seats, power windows and central locking; these robust trucks are especially developed to meet the customer expectations in growth markets. The concrete mixer concept is expected to be a game changer in the construction equipment segment.

Daimler Fuso Range

fuso-canter-cutout fuso-canter-guts-cutout fuso-canter-eco-hybrid-cutout fuso-fighter-cutout fuso-super-great-v-cutout


Full Range of Truck back bodies

We can install all body types including dump trucks, tow trucks, freight trucks, moving trucks, landscaping trucks, contractors truck, 4×4 trucks, beverage trucks, stakebed trucks, refrigerated trucks. We offer discounted Mitsubishi Fuso truck parts and discounted UD truck parts direct shipped to anywhere.

If you are looking for municipal cleaning vehicles (as road sweepers or compact garbage trucks), or emergency response vehicles (as fire fighting engines or ambulances), airport ground support equipment (as aircraft tractors, catering vehicles, or passenger steps) we can custom built these on either Mitsubishi Fuso, Isuzu or Nissan commercial truck of your choice. If you are looking for a truck as cargo box truck, dump truck, cement mixer truck, full tank truck and bulk cement tank trunk Jim is your only choice. When it comes to Mitsubishi Fuso or other truck based trailers as Container trailer, low bed semi trailer, cement bulk trailer, cement tank trailer or car carrier trailer, Jim is the place. When it comes to custom buses Jim is ready to provide mini buses, prison transport buses, tour buses, airport buses, activity buses, hospital buses, sleeper buses, special needs buses and para transit buses, promotional buses, and double decker buses.

Mitsubishi Fuso FE Mitsubishi Fuso FM Mitsubishi Fuso FN Mitsubishi Fuso FV
Family. Daimler Fuso Canter Daimler Fuso FM Daimler Fuso FN Daimler Fuso FV
Type Light Duty.
4 and 6 wheel
Medium Duty.
6 wheel
Heavy Duty.
10 wheel
Heavy Duty.
Vehicle towed.
Maximum power. 125 and 150 hp. 240 horsepower 240 and 270 horsepower. 380 hp.
Total weight. 4.4 to 8.4 tons. 15 ton 25 ton 25 ton
(Weight 50.5 tons, tug).

Mitsubishi Fuso has a long standing reputation for producing highly durable and reliable products that not only meet all functional and safety requirements, but also deliver exceptional levels of drivability, comfort and user friendliness. Drive any truck or bus in Fuso model range and you’ll immediately feel the difference. Every feature is the result of the latest thinking – their cabins are extra spacious and air conditioned, with ergonomic seats designed for any physiques. Fuso comprehensive truck range consists of light (Canter), medium and Heavy Duty (Fighter) trucks. Whatever your application, with so many truck and bus models to choose from, you are sure to find a Mitsubishi Fuso model that’s perfect for all your business needs no matter what part of the world you are in.

Mitsubishi Fuso manufactures the following range of trucks, featuring different models and sizes to meet specific purposes:


MITSUBISHI FUSO FV5138 a heavy-duty truck tractor, suitable for a big business. Total load capacity is GCW 50.5 tons.

MITSUBISHI FUSO FM1524 a medium truck with 6 wheels, suitable for a medium-size business. Total load capacity is 15 tons.


MITSUBISHI FUSO CANTER , a small truck with either 4 or 6 wheels, suitable for a small business. Total load capacity is 4.3-8.4 tons.

MITSUBISHI FUSO FK, a medium truck with 6 wheels, suitable for a medium-size business. Total load capacity is 12 tons.

MITSUBISHI FUSO FN, a heavy truck with 10 wheels and a tractor, suitable for a big business. Total load capacity is GVW 25 and GCW 45 tons.

It is equipped with a Turbo Inter Cooler diesel engine certified with a Euro-II exhaust gas standard.

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter – Light and Medium Duty Commercial Truck

Are you looking for a medium duty truck tough enough for a grueling workload? And, which does not cost much?  Then you should consider the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter, which is flexible enough for many punitive tasks.  You can get all your dirty jobs done from this workhorse.  The Fuso Canter is designed for delivering dependable, rugged service to its operators.

There is nothing interesting, exciting or glamorous about the job of hauling heavy loads from one place to another,  but somebody has to do that job and the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter truck has been developed precisely for that purpose.  It can do all your shifting, towing, carrying, lifting or tipping jobs.

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Range

The Fuso Canter is available in 3 basic chassis sizes from 3.5 tons to 7.5 tons.  Once you have chosen the chassis size, engine, and wheelbase, you can customize the truck to your own specifications.  You can have a single or double cab accommodation for the driver cabin depending on your requirements.  You can also choose the body type to go at the back – whether you want it as a delivery truck, dump truck, flatbed truck, refrigerated van, box van or some other configuration suiting your needs.  So you have a lot of flexibility in customizing the truck to your own requirements.

Strong Points of Fuso Canter Trucks

The performance and flexibility of the Fuso engines are real strong points of Fuso Canter trucks.  All the Canter engines have ample payload capacities; the 3.5 ton model can handle payloads up to 1.525 tons, and the 7.5 ton model is able to handle a hefty 4.890 tons.  And, the engines are tuned in a way to deliver powerful torque in the low rev range so that it can smartly pick up big loads even when you start your ascent on a steep hill.  The 3 Liter diesel engine can pump out a torque of 295 Nm at 1,800 rpm, whereas the 3.9 liter engine can produce 412 Nm torque at 1,600 rpm.

The Mitsubishi Fuso Canter is a amazingly wide truck with a very spacious cabin that has enough space for three persons to sit.  It is comfortable to drive, and the the driver has a wide all-round view.  The Fuso Canter is a forward-control vehicle; this design gives the canter an excellent turning circle.  Thus the Canter has superb maneuverability. You can easily negotiate traffic amidst tightest corners in congested urban areas – with heavy load to shift.

The Fuso Canter is a functional, robust truck perfectly designed for the objective of moving heavy loads efficiently and quickly.  The available range is very diverse and you should be able to find a truck model with load carrying capacity, dimensions and body type to suit your requirements.  There may be some criticism about the ride comfort of the Canter, but if you’re looking for a mid-range truck with these special capabilities within your budget, Fuso Canter seems to be the best choice.

The new Fuso eCanterE-Pioneer among light trucks


The Fuso Canter E-Cell is now the Fuso eCanter. The new name represents the third generation of the world’s first fully electric-powered light truck, and the small-scale production run is an important step on the way to full production. Technically, the eCanter is radically different from its predecessor and benefits from the extensive findings of customer trials with the second generation and the reduced costs of battery and component technology.

 The new eCanter uses a permanent synchronous electric motor with an impressive output of 185 kW and torque of 380 Nm. Power is transferred to the rear axle by a standard single-speed transmission.

The vehicle premiered at the IAA has a battery capacity of 70 kWh. Depending on the body, load and usage, a range of more than 100 km without stationary recharging is possible. The batteries are spread over five units, one centrally in the frame right behind the cab and two more on each side of the frame. They are water-cooled lithium-ion batteries that provide a long service life, high efficiency, especially at high ambient temperatures, and compact construction of the battery units. The eCanter’s exceptional weight balance is worth highlighting. The chassis load capacity of the 7.49 t vehicle is 4.63 t including the body and load.

Individual battery packs with three to six sets of batteries of 14 kWh each are planned for the upcoming small-scale production run. This allows the eCanter to be adapted to customer requirements with regards to range, price and weight. The concept is based on the results of customer tests that show that for some operators, payload is more important than range, while others are happy to sacrifice payload for longer range, i.e. more batteries.

Equally adaptable are the charging options: up to 80 percent capacity within an hour with direct current at a quick charging station, or 100 percent in seven hours with alternating current. In the future, rapid charging with 170 kW will be possible, meaning 80 percent battery capacity in only half an hour. A standard Combo 2 plug (known as Combined Charging System) is used for charging.

Economically attractive alternative to diesel engines

The Fuso eCanter’s locally zero-emission drive will not only reduce the impact of exhaust and noise emissions on city centres, but will also be an economically attractive alternative to diesel engines. Thanks to lower technology costs the eCanter will be launched to market at a competitive price. In addition there will be lower running costs compared to an equivalent diesel model.

The results of a year-long fleet test with the second generation electric Canter have shown that around 1,000 euros per 10,000 km can be saved with this vehicle compared to a diesel version. Coupled with a reduction in maintenance costs of around 30 percent, this makes the Fuso an economical solution for customers. The projected sales price means that any additional expense will be repaid in less than three years. These vehicles have proven their suitability for daily use in short-radius distribution and urban transport.

Future-oriented design

While the technology is the same as in the small-scale production model, the design elements provide a vision of the eCanter’s future. It provides an attractive design, with LED headlamps and a distinct grille and bumper, and a redesigned interior including a central, removable tablet with connectivity functions. The wide comfort cab is painted in metallic blue, as are the fully-clad sides. A walk-on glass floor in the exhibition vehicle’s box body offers a view of the drive unit and the batteries.

Mitsubishi Commercial Trucks

At Forward Motors you get several models to choose from Mitsubishi Commercial Trucks:

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