Tata 2200 cc DICOR Engine

Tata 2200 cc DICOR Engine

The Tata Xenon 1-ton pickup truck comes with 2.2-litre common-rail diesel engine as well as the high level of safety, drivability and convenience which is derived from its European design. The Xenon was styled in Coventry, England, and was designed by German & Indian engineers. 

Some of Xenon’s differentiating features include:

  • 32-bit computer-controlled DICOR common-rail diesel power plant with VTT variable turbine technology and intercooler
  • The most advanced pickup engine technology in Thailand ranging from ECU (Electronic Control Unit), latest common-rail fuel injection system and use of lighter and more durable alloys for engine construction.
  • Latest common-rail technology featuring 1,600-bar constant injector pressure for the finest fuel particle resulting in a more complete combustion and better fuel economy.
  • 32-bit computer operates in real-time to maximize power and minimize fuel consumption.
  • VTT (Variable Turbine Technology) adjusts the angles of the turbines for increased power and better fuel consumption
  • 2.2-liter engine produces 140hp and 320Nm of torque
  • High-efficiency engine offers continuous torque from low to high engine speeds
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Excellent handling and road holding
  • 0.8 – 1.5mm-thick steel body
  • High performance 2-wheel-drive high suspension pickup
  • Spacious and comfortable interior
  • European style accessories and convenience features
  • High craftsmanship and high production quality from Thonburi Automotive
  • Ergonomically-designed with complete convenience features and seats laid out for ease of use
  • Electronics precisely detect any electrical errors with same level of accuracy as luxury European cars
  • Immobilizer security system come as standard and includes anti-theft alarm
  • Environmentally-friendly

Is 2200 cc engine powerful enough to carry heavy loads

Tata’s 2200 cc common-rail diesel engine is a European engine to fuflill desinged to balance the requirements of power and torque, fuel economy, emission level and driving enjoyment. Innovative Technology of all kinds has been put into this new engine, ranging from designing the engine block and pistons as well as using common-rail technology, VTT (Variable Turbine Technology), 32-bit ECU.

Tata 2.2L engine has been designed with high-quality materials and components manufactured under stringent German standards. This results in high performance and easy and low-cost maintenance.

Cutting edge technology has allowed a marked decrease in engine size while producing a more powerful output and ensuring excellent loading ability. 

Fuel Rate Consumption for Tata Xenon 2200 cc

Fuel consumption rate depends on many factors including traffic condition, driving behavior, loading, road condition and even tyre pressure. The light weight, advanced technology 2.2L common-rail diesel engine in Xenon ensures outstanding performance and fuel economy. In normal driving conditions, Xenon has a fuel consumption rate of 14 – 18.5 km/lt.

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