Toyota Hilux Performance: Hilux Towing Capacity

Toyota Hilux Performance: Hilux Towing Capacity

The unbreakable HiLux is the perfect vehicle for the job when you’ve got a heavy load on. It offers increased towing capacity, delivering 750kg unbraked across the range, 2250kg braked on 4×2 models, improved 2500 kg braked capacity on the 4×4 models#. So whatever load you need to carry to get the job done, you’ll have plenty of grunt to do it++.

With so much power available, the vehicle delivers excellent performance on the road even when towing or loaded. Offering eager, yet smooth acceleration throughout the range. Leaf spring and twin tube shock absorbers on the rear enable it to continue delivering outstanding steering stability and positive handling when it’s carrying a heavy load.

HiLux’s ability to take on any job, no matter how tough, and get it done without any fuss, is what makes it the most sought after ute in Australia.

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