Nissan Volvo UD Quester GWE (6x4T) Truck

Nissan Volvo UD Quester GWE 6x4T Tractor Trucks


So the truck driver can drive smoothly over long distances. Essentially, the cabin has to be broad enough space and comfort. The design of the truck, we recognize the need for this in the design of the cabin of the truck Quester new models offer more advanced. The new cabins are more spacious to provide maximum comfort to the truck drivers to drive long distances.

  •  For long distance transportation Quester gives you greater confidence in the excellent performance of the car increases. And cost savings as well.
  • Outstanding features that support the transport over long distances.
  • The cabin has beds Comfortable, spacious Designed to cater for long distance transportation. High roof and a bunk bed
  • Fuel economy with the highest transmission has been optimized. The system displays driving and fuel economy. And aerodynamic design.
  • Aerodynamic bumper assembly With anti ducked under the car Front (FUP).
  • Axle drive, durable and reliable.
  • Choose a versatile 6 × 2T, 6 × 4T, 6 × 4R and 8 × 4R.


Single or Double
Quester standard cabin has a comfortable bed for one person to install. In a cabin with a high roof. Extra beds upstairs to bed. The beds come equipped with wide and extra long to accommodate the sleep comfort.

The cabin easily
So that the guns can drive in / out of the cabin easily and securely installed Quester 3 non-slip stair steps with handrails rugged three points.

The back and sides
From the driver’s seat The driver can see the view through the glass doors clearly across large. The mirror can be installed to add. This allows for more interior light. The driver of the truck driving easier and more efficient driving. And can be installed behind glass doors open up more.

The ergonomically designed driver’s seat.
Seats for the driver to choose between a bagpipe and mechanical load. Ergonomic Design The seat is adjustable and supports comfortable ride. Backrests reduce fatigue while driving long distances.

Spacious cabin
Cabin reduces the fatigue of the driver. And comfort for the driver to transport over long distances. There is enough space for work and storage as needed, resulting in: a spry and alert the driver to drive longer.

To prevent rust,
rust Quester systems based on high quality standards for the production of Volvo Group all cabin surfaces coated with phosphate. Followed by a three-stage paint With the added strength and surface hardness in the oven. To increase the lifetime of the truck longest.

The standard roof or high roof
The driver can choose between a standard roof or high roof cabin. Depending on the specific needs of the driver. In high roof A double bed and extra large luggage compartment. Which is ideal for traveling long distances.

The driver information display
The large 4.5 inch display on the instrument panel. Allows the driver to read data more easily. The screen is bright and high contrast. Lets read information quickly and easily. It also shows the system with fuel-efficient driving style.

Inspection of the truck
Check the truck electronic system allows the driver to inspect the trucks on time from the driver’s seat before departure. Saving time and increasing reliability in the performance of the truck.

General Specifications

the shaft
Description of the shaft
8, 11
Series Engines
power kW
280, 330; 370, 390, 420
The engine power
Torque Nm
1190, 1330, 1780, 1850, 2040.
The engine torque
Brake type
Pneumatically controlled, Full air brake system with S-cam drum brakes, Automatic slack adjuster.
Euro3,4 * (* depending on markets ECS).
Emission control system

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