Toyota Avanza Exterior

Exterior Features of Toyota Avanza 7-Seater MPV available at Thailand top PIckpu Truck SUV and MPV Dealer and Exporter of New and Used Toyota Avanza

Turn heads in the all-new Avanza, with a new design that makes it truly sleek and enviable. 

Dynamic Stability: Character Lines

Elegant lines define the All-New Avanza’s dynamic design, with its wheel flare merging into its body to create a sense of stability.

Sophisticated Facade: Radiator Grille

The All-New Avanza now features a sleeker and sportier look, with the radiator grille, side skirting and sports grade complementing its overall image. The impressive front grille, which is plated in chrome will definitely be the envy of many.

Wheels of Elegance: 15″ Alloy Wheels*

The All-New Avanza runs on 8-spoke 15″rims, exuding excitement both when in motion and when stationary. *Available for 1.5S and 1.5G variant only.

Easily Visible Roof Spoiler

Thanks to the attractive high-mount stop lamp on the All-New Avanza, approaching vehicles will be able to see you braking from afar.

Eye-catching Headlamp and Tail Lamp

The headlamps and tail lamps have been given the sporty treatment as well, making them a dashing addition to the the All-New Avanza.

Enchance Visibility Fog Lamps*

Make your journeys safer with increased visibility and wider illumination. *Available for 1.5S and 1.5G variant only.

Clear as Day: Wing Mirror with Signal Lamp

Give other drivers a clear sign when you are about to make a turn.

Open with Style: Door Outer Handle

Every part of the All-New Avanza has been enhanced with a sporty feel – even its door handles.

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