Toyota Hilux Design: Wheels

Toyota Hilux Design: Wheels

Toyota Hilux WorkMate and Hilux SR 4×2 models come with 15″ steel wheels, WorkMate and SR 4×4 models are fitted with 16″ steel wheels, SR 4×4 VSC option pack models have 17″ steel wheels, 4×4 SR5 Extra-Cab and SR5 4×2 models have 15″ alloy wheels and all Double-Cab 4×4 SR5 models are kitted out with premium 17″ alloys#.

So whichever HiLux model you choose, it sits on a pretty substantial and good-looking set of wheels.

The alloy wheels on 4×4 SR5 models are fitted with wide tyres, giving HiLux extra contact with the road, and greater grip and stopping performance.

The perfect accessory to help keep high quality alloy wheels safe is a lock nut set, which means your alloys can be securely locked, protecting them from would-be thieves. The strong, premium quality chrome-plated wheel nuts come with a unique secure-coded key to lock the alloys in place without detracting from their style and appearance^^.

As well as providing a tough, dependable base for the vehicle to stand on, the wheels also help to give HiLux a bold, stylish look.

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