Nissan Volvo UD Quester CWE (6x4R) Mixer Truck

Nissan Volvo UD Quester CWE 6x4R Trucks



Quester construction truck with the agility to operate high. Comes with a sturdy chassis. The minimum distance to the ground level and on.


Driving is easy
Rough road conditions and heavy duty trucks that require high performance Quester comes with the ability to control the car. And lowered to the ground level that can handle tight spaces and obstacles on rough road conditions at the construction site. Trucks that operate in this environment requires high power and can drive, especially at low speeds and difficult terrain. Quester’s engines with high torque at low rpm, resulting in acceleration response has been fantastic.

Driving comfort
Truck Driving on rough surfaces like driving a comfortable Quester install a spring arc. The suspension is well designed. And seating options for drive-based system supports the air bag. Allows the driver to get comfortable in difficult driving conditions.

Brakes secure
Quester installed wind brakes with drum brakes, high performance S-cam has been trusted for quality and considered the industry standard for many years. Pneumatic brake system trouble-free and easy maintenance. This results in lower maintenance costs and reduce the time that the system does not work to a minimum.

The ability to support high axle loads.
With a strong chassis and axles and other components. With a proper result Quester is capable of supporting a payload great rivals. Construction 8x4R models with GVW 41 tons gross weight, maximum load and reduce fuel consumption per ton of cargo to a minimum.

Rear suspension strongest
Quester was manufactured for use in the harshest working conditions. High-tensile steel frame, forming a layer of rubber on the rear axle and T-Ride is a strong base to minimize stress inflated Quester is suitable for use on rough road surfaces. Payload with a high center of gravity. And the load is distributed unevenly.

The engine braking system with UD Extra Engine Brake (UD EEB)
braking system is reinforced with a high power braking. Fast Break And brake more safely. This results in a higher average speed, especially in hilly terrain. It also extends the useful life of the brake pads. And reduce the need for maintenance by UD EEB is also equipped with GH11.

General Specifications

the shaft
Description of the shaft
8, 11
Series Engines
power kW
The engine power
Torque Nm
1190, 1330; 1780, 1850, 2040
The engine torque
Brake type
Pneumatically controlled, Full air brake system with S-cam drum brakes, Automatic slack adjuster.
Euro3,4 * (* depending on markets ECS).
Emission control system

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