Nissan Volvo UD Quester CDE 6×2 Trucks

Nissan Volvo UD Quester CDE 6×2 Trucks


Distribution quickness, agility, and efficiency is essential and Quester is a true high-speed truck for urban transport Quester comes with all the quality and performance you need for urban transport.


Performance engine tuning as needed.
8 liter engine with high power and smooth running. Ideal for transporting your goods. Available in 220 hp and 330 hp and all-liter fuel-saving value. With its low cost per kilometer The engine is ideal for use in distribution.

Brakes secure
Quester installed wind brakes with drum brakes, high performance S-cam has been trusted for quality and considered the industry standard for many years. Pneumatic brake system trouble-free and easy maintenance. This results in lower maintenance costs and reduce the time that the system does not work to a minimum. You can install the anti-lock braking system ABS wheel more.

The daily maintenance easy.
Check points for daily maintenance visible and easily accessible through an opening engine hood, large front. Cabin for the driver to load with coil springs. Accessible from the engine room at 58 degrees angle for easy and convenient maintenance work.

The cabin is easily accessible
Transportation to the distribution of urgency the necessary means to climb up and down the cabin often. We have designed a Quester door open wide. There are hand rails on strength. The rugged steel beams and stairs for safety and easy access.

Wide area to drive more efficiently.
Standard cabin roof with two or three seats, ideal for use in distribution. The cabin has everything a driver needs to transport a single shift. Seats for the driver to load a bag. Weather systems that adjust appropriately. And noise levels low Reduce driver fatigue and increase security even more.

The large display for the driver.
The large 4.5 inch display on the instrument panel. Allows the driver to read data more easily. The screen is bright and high contrast. Lets read information quickly and easily. The system displays driving a fuel-efficient to install. Reduce fuel consumption and transportation costs down dramatically.

The ability to control a great car.
Adjustable seating position for the driver and the steering wheel allows the driver to drive in a position to see the best and the best vision. Control the car in a narrow space limited. The exterior rear-view mirror of the vehicle size and strength, improves the ability to see better.

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General Specifications

the shaft
Description of the shaft
Series Engines
power kW
250, 280, 330
The engine power
Torque Nm
1140, 1190, 1330
The engine torque
Brake type
Pneumatically controlled, Full air brake system with S-cam drum brakes, Automatic slack adjuster.
Euro3,4 * (* depending on markets ECS).
Emission control system

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